A man's act of kindness and generosity to a South Carolina Girl Scout troop has gone viral.

Kayla Dillard, who manages cookie sales for Troop 1574 in Greenville, SC, shared a picture of the man with two of the scouts on Friday saying: "This man purchased seven packs of cookies. Gave the girls $40, told them to keep the change. Then he came back to the table and said 'pack up all of your cookies. I'm taking them all so y'all can get out of this cold.' $540 he spent on cookies. What an amazing soul!!!! #troop1574 #kindheart #thatgreenville #greenvillesc"

By Monday afternoon, the post had gone viral, with 777 comments, 6,200 shares and 17,000 reactions.

The comments on the story are all positive, ranging from, "Awesome man!! Thank you for spreading kindness in such a thoughtful way! Lovely!!" to " Beautiful gesture. These little girls will remember this when they are elderly women. This man is investing in s better future for all," to "That's really a great thing he did. Thanks for an uplifting story to start my week," to dozens just thanking the man for his kindness.

NBC affiliate WYFF News 4 checked with Dillard to try to identify the man and give him credit, but she said she has been unable to confirm his identity.

So, the Girl Scouts' hero remains a mystery man.