After days of heavy rain, TDOT crews are available to get out and make road repairs.

Road conditions due to weather have been an issue across Tennessee and North Georgia.

TDOT crews have been taking advantage of this nice weather to repair potholes.

Spokesperson Jennifer Flynn says they are getting ahead of the next round of rain, so roads don’t worsen.

Within 10 days, Hamilton County saw almost 9 inches of rain.

This is causing TDOT crews to see more cracks and even potholes around the region.

Flynn says severe weather plays a role in that.

“Cracks in the pavement water gets down it freezes, thaws, and then causes the pavement to break away,” said Jennifer Flynn.

Flynn says TDOT suppliers don't start making a permanent mix for repairs until the spring.

So usually this time of year crews are putting down cold mix.

But because they've had more warm days to work with, they don't have to put down a temporary solution.

“We've been really lucky this season. We've been able to get our hands on some hot mix,” said Flynn. “So that definitely means when you make the repair it'll stay there for a while.”

Flynn says crews are designated to certain areas so they can get to know each road.

That will help them know what preventative measure works best for that spot.

Our Storm Alert Team is predicting about a half an inch to an inch of rain within 3 days toward the end of the week.

Flynn says crews are trying to get ahead of that weather system.

“So usually they will do that between nine and three especially on the heavy traffic routes,” said Flynn. “So they are just out looking around seeing if there's anything they need to deal with.”

Flynn says crews will be out tonight working while traffic is low.

She encourages drivers to move over to give crews a safe area to work.