After a weekend of heavy rain and flooding, Spring City in Rhea County is in recovery mode.

Rhea County Mayor George Thacker says flooding was so bad, they had to evacuate several neighborhoods.

Rushing water knocked down three 7800 gallon gasoline tanks.

"The flooding that's happened here has over four feet of water in their businesses. I've got some people out here to help and a lot of other resources here to help people recover from that,” Thacker said.

Thacker says multiple agencies, including FEMA, are helping with recovery efforts.

He says they helped pull two of the three tanks out of the water.

Officials say some of the gasoline in the tanks spilled in the water, but the water has been deemed safe by officials.

They are doing what they can to recover the third.

"Right now we have to focus on getting the third tank out of the water, then we can deal with that next,” Thacker said.

Businesses and homes in the area suffered flood damage. Thacker spent the day assessing the damage done.   

Many don't have insurance, which is why Thacker is hoping for disaster relief assistance from state and federal agencies.

"What we are trying to do is to hurry right now to get FEMA involved to be declared a disaster area so we can get them the help. That's what we are working on,” Thacker said.

Thacker believes with all the agencies involved in the cleanup, they'll recover the third tanker by the end of the week.