Employees of Subway on Signal Mountain Road are now looking for new jobs.

The restaurant closed after a mudslide on Saturday that destroyed the building, leaving it as a pile of concrete blocks. Those conditions caused Shuford's Smokehouse next door to shut down as well.

The manager of the Subway closed its doors Friday after a tree fell on a car.

That's why no one was inside the restaurant when the mudslide happened Saturday.

Now the owner is responsible for cleaning up the area.

The manager of the Subway, Robbie Anderson, says this weekend was a challenging one for personally and professionally.

On Friday heavy rain caused a tree to fall on her car, and Saturday morning a mudslide destroyed her restaurant.

“Numb and in shock,” said Robbie Anderson. "My mind has been going 90 mph all weekend.”

Anderson and the owner decided Friday night not to open Saturday due to weather conditions.

“There was still a lot of action on the hill with trees cracking and stuff, and we knew something else was going to happen,” said Anderson.

The mudslide happened around 9:30 Saturday morning.

Typically the store opens at 10, but usually, an employee comes in early to get prepared.

Now about six of the employees are looking to transfer to another location.

“May need some employees and some help,” said Anderson. “So we are just all working together right now.” She met with the Public Works Department Monday morning to determine if state grants or loans could be available to help with the cleanup.

She says right now, the owner is talking with the insurance company to learn more.

At this time, it's unclear when the cleanup will start or when Shufords will be able to reopen.