UPDATE:  The Rhea Co. Sheriff's Department says two of the three tanks were located.  A fourth tank was secured before it anything could happen to it. 

State road crews were out Saturday night inspecting the bridges.

Officials say the tanks passed under at least two bridges before being located. 

PREVIOUS STORY:  Three fuel tanks dislodged Saturday in Rhea County.

The tanks floated down Piney Creek and passed under at least two bridges, a Rhea County Sheriff's Office spokesperson explained.  

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Many residents in Rhea County are now worried that the water has become contaminated. Officials are assuring them that it is fine, however. 

A fourth tank is still standing. The Rhea County spokesperson said it was secured to keep it from also dislodging.

Rhea County Emergency Management and the Rhea County Sheriff's Department went out on the water Sunday and were able to locate the three tanks, the spokesperson added.

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