Morgan Kinder, the co-owner of Kinder Dog Training, is now out on bond.

She was charged with six counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and 16 counts of cruelty to animals.

We are learning more from a vet who is caring for one of the animals from this case.

Duncan was one of the dogs held at Kinder Dog Training.

When the dog owner came to pick him up, they immediately took him to the hospital. That's where Duncan was diagnosed with malnourishment and dehydration.

Abigail Eastburn dropped her Great Dane, Duncan, off at Kinder Dog Training in Cleveland on December 17.

When she picked her dog up two months later, she was shocked and heartbroken to discover the condition of her pup.

Duncan's veterinarian, Dr. Ashley Randall of West End Animal Wellness Center, says he has been on a premium puppy diet and because he is young, he will recover.

“He has a few bedsores, live ulcers, just from being a cage for so long,” Randall said. “So that was probably as far as physical wounds, those were the biggest issues.”

Eastburn initially took Duncan to the VCA Regional Institute for Veterinary Emergencies and Referrals.

She spent about a thousand dollars for treatment, and since then has spent a couple hundred to maintain his health.

Randall said he has now gained 14 pounds, but the emotional aspect still takes a toll on Duncan.

“Aggressive with the feeding,” Randall said. “He is having some issues with his brother; he has to be re-introduced to society.”

She said it's already been a long road for family, and unfortunately, there's still a ways to go.

At Duncan’s age, a healthy diet is vital for growth, and unfortunately, he's starting to have some issues with his ligaments.

“The ligaments will get very relaxed and the legs will droop,” Randall said. “So instead of sitting up, they kind of drip down, and that was going on with him in the back of his legs.”

Randall said only time will tell how successful his recovery plan will go.

During their next visit, she will see if Duncan will need a sling, physical therapy or surgery.

The Eastburn family has started a nonprofit organization called Duncan's Voice.

The purpose is to provide resources to animals and their owners in neglectful and abusive situations.

The family is advocating for regulations at training facilities and legislation.