Three of the juveniles accused of killing Nashville musician Kyle Yorlets were removed from the courtroom because the judge didn’t feel they were taking the severity of the case seriously.

The three, age 13, 14 and 15, were appearing in juvenile court on Thursday.

The judge excused the three because he didn’t feel they were taking the severity of the case seriously and treating it like it was a playground.

"I asked him to leave them in, there’s other ways to keep the kids quiet, but I think he was fed up and I was done with my questioning anyways, and I didn’t see it making any difference," attorney Michie Gibson said. "I think they're children and they don’t know what serious yet. My client is immature and every child I’ve observed in this is immature, I don’t think they know what’s happening and how serious this is.”

A Metro Police detective testified that two of the teens who appeared in court have admitted to robbing Yorlets at his north Nashville home.

The 13-year-old male suspect also admitted to police that he and another juvenile had a handgun when they robbed Yorlets, but the teen didn't say who shot.

Five juveniles, ages 12 to 16, faces charges in connection with the death of Yorlets earlier this month.

Police said they found two guns at the Walmart where the five suspects were located, but attorneys questioned the detective about where one of the guns was found.

The detective testified the three suspects who were in court on Thursday were the first to be put in a patrol car after they were found.

The detective said the officer ran inside the store to find the other suspects and when they came back out there was a loaded handgun found in the driver’s seat of the patrol car. The detective says the suspects may have tossed it up there.

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