The Hamilton County school board voted to approve funding for a new program that allows school officials to track buses in real time but with limits.

David Eaves the Transportation Manager for Hamilton County Schools said, "Part of the implementation in setting parameters, so we can set a parameter for the first stop in the last stop in the afternoon."

David Eaves alongside a Transfinder representative presented a computer program that will allow administrators to track buses in real time.

The program would provide data about bus routes all the way down to when a bus is late and even the children riding on the bus.

This information will not be available to the public, however, officials say it lays a foundation for it and if the school system wanted to provide this information to parents in real-time in the future.

"Transfinder does offer a website that will allow a parent to plug in an address and provide them with a planned stopped location and their school residence, but there is nothing live for the parents," said a representative for Transfinder.

The board unanimously voted to fund the program saying it will help officials do their jobs efficiently and that it will help make buses safer.

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