Channel 3 has learned disciplinary actions are being taken against a student who officials said assaulted another student at Ooltewah High School in January.

However, we do not know what that student's punishment is.

Steve Highlander is the representative for the district Ooltewah High School is in. He said action is being taken, but since the students are minors there is very little information they can publicly release.

"Transparency is very important, very important,” said Highlander, “But also on the other hand when you're dealing with minor children we have a legal obligation not to let their names or circumstances go for their own safety and for their own protection."

Just a few weeks ago, there was an assault at Ooltewah High School. Investigators said a student struck a younger student several times.

A representative with the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said charges were filed in juvenile court for simple assault and disorderly conduct.

Details about the assault have not been released.

"I have talked to parents, I have talked to the administrators, and I'm sure others have as well,” urged Highlander, “I'm going to tell you, Ooltewah is a good school."

Channel 3 had to obtain information about the assault at Ooltewah High School through law enforcement.

A stark contrast to the recent incidents at Red Bank High School, in which schools communication director Tim Hensley released information promptly.

Channel 3 asked Highlander if there needs to be more consistency across the school system when it comes to notifying parents and the community about these types of situations, he said the chief of academics is working closely with principals.

However, he said school principals in the county are putting safety first, "I think that we need to be very cautious in everything that we do to try and make the safety the highest priority we can and I think our principal's do."

There was a second incident at Ooltewah High School last week.

Concerned citizens reached out to Channel 3 saying that incident may have involved drugs and possible criminal charges. The sheriff's office would only say there was a medical event involving a juvenile.