These days whenever Apple, Samsung, Google or Amazon hold big events to introduce new devices, we're not easy to impress. We think we've already seen it all. That isn't true with Samsung's latest announcement of a smartphone AND tablet.

"When you see an interesting Facebook post on the front display, you can simply unfold your phone to see all the details on the bigger screen."

Folded up, it looks like a smallish smartphone, smaller than the ones we have now. But when it opens, it turns into a 7.3-inch tablet about the size of an iPad mini.

"It fits perfectly in my hand. First, let's unlock it. All I have to do is place my thumb on the side of the screen, and I'm ready to go."

Demo'd for the first time at Samsung's annual event in San Francisco, executives showed how Google Maps could be displayed on the phone folded up.

"Here's where things get really cool. I can unfold it and I can instantly see the map on the big screen."

So when the fold is a phone, there's one image with a larger image showing inside when it's folded

The Samsung Galaxy fold will go on sale April 26th, but you better start saving now. It'll be the most expensive smartphone ever, coming in at just under $2,000.

Samsung also unveiled four new Samsung Galaxy 10 smartphones, but it's the fold everyone's talking about.