It was a long shift for Dade County Public Works Director Billy Massengale.

He said the first call reporting a downed tree came in around 11:30 Tuesday night.

His crew has worked nonstop cutting down and removing almost 50 trees from the roads

"We got out earlier today to South Moore Road to cut a tree," Massengale said. "On the way back the State Route was blocked because a tree that fell. We had to clear that road before we could get to our road I mean they fall in front of us behind us."

One of the roads his crew spent most of their time on was South Sunset Drive, which was where Jim Blaylock was picking up trash on the side of the road because his trash bin was blown over by the strong winds.

He said this type of weather is normal for Lookout Mountain.

Blaylock said these trees are old and sway a lot.

"We got those pine beetles in them, and they are dead," Blaylock explained.  "So that’s why there’s so much damage."

The storms caused power outages for almost 600 Georgia Power customers in Dade county alone.

Blaylock was one of those customers.

He said he tried to prevent this years ago by having Georgia power run his lines underground.

"As long as you were 150 feet, but they don’t charge you," Blaylock said. "If they have this at an extra pole, then they charge."

Massengale said his crews had to take a break because trees were caught in the power lines.

He said working in those conditions could cause safety concerns for his staff.

"You never know if it’s hot or if it has juice on it," Massengale said. "If it appears to be dead, you don’t know if the neighbors are going to fire up the generator and backfeed it."

At this time, it's unclear how long it will take to get roads clear and power turned back on for everyone.

The sheriff's office encourages all drivers to use caution.