UPDATE: First responders in Walker County rescued two men Wednesday morning trapped by the swift-moving waters of East Armuchee Creek.

Firefighters with Walker County Fire Rescue and the Georgia Department of Corrections, along with deputies from the Walker County Sheriff’s Office, responded to a call for help at 8:49 a.m. coming from the Chattahoochee National Forest. 

Emergency crews arrived to find two men stranded by rising water near Manning Mill Road and East Armchuee Road.

Rescuers say the downpour that hit the Tennessee valley caused Armuchee Creek to rise to unusually high levels.

The two men had gone hiking Tuesday with the intent of leaving the forest before sundown. They attempted to cross the creek in their truck Tuesday night but deemed it unsafe. 

Due to spotty cell service in the area, they were unable to call for help until Wednesday morning.

Responders say the rescue caught on video was something they have always trained for, but they are very aware of the dangers involved.

Eric Ashburn, the assistant chief of the Walker County Fire Department says the hardest part of a water rescue is dealing with factors under the water.

Ashburn said, "The unknown...it's not knowing exactly what you have forth, we understand water, we can train and know how that is going to react, we can understand the forces that applied, but we don't know what the riverbed is like, we don't know the depths of the water."

Ashburn says water rescues are not common in Walker County.

Firefighters set up a high line cable system across the creek and attached to it using a quick release rescue vest. 

Additional rescuers were positioned upstream to spot debris and downstream in the event a secondary rescue was needed.  

Rescuers then pulled the two hikers across the water to safety. No injuries occurred during the rescue, which took about 55 minutes to complete.

Ashburn said, “In this scenario where it's flooded out the creek bed is changing constantly there are trees floating through the creek and the ground is very unstable and uneven so you don't know fully what you're dealing with."

Ashburn says it's been six years since the department has had a situation like this.

He commends the hikers for not trying to cross the swiftly moving water saying it could have deadly.

Ashburn explained, “There was a place downstream where there was a log going across most of it and they didn't choose to try and balance and try and walk themselves across it, which if they had it could have been the end of them."

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Around 8:45 am Tuesday, Walker County Fire Rescue firefighters, the Georgia Department of Corrections and Walker County Sheriff's deputies were called to the Chattahoochee National Forest where two men were trapped in the East Armuchee Creek.

First responders found the hikers stranded by rising water near East Armuchee Road and Manning Mill Road, a Walker County spokesperson explained.

"Firefighters set up a high line cable system across the creek and attached to it using a quick release rescue vest," the spokesperson added.

Rescuers were stationed upstream to look for debris and some were downstream just in case a secondary rescue was needed.

Rescuers were able to pull both men to safety in just under an hour.

No one was injured.

The men went hiking Tuesday but were unable to leave the forest that night because they felt it was not safe to cross the creek.

They were unable to call for help until Wednesday morning due to spotty cell service.