UPDATE: Employees of the Mapco gas station near the I-24/59 split in Wildwood, Georgia stayed home on Wednesday due to a massive mudslide that followed the heavy rain.

Rain, rain and more rain over the last few days has left officials in Dade County dealing with flooding, power outages and downed trees.

"Flooding is one of our concerns. We've had about five or six different calls and currently we have three roads that we've closed due to high water," EMA Director Alex Case told Channel 3.

Now mudslides have been added to the list.

"We've had one on some private property on Highway 299 at the Wildwood exit, a Mapco," he said.

Case says the one reported at the Mapco gas station happened over the weekend. The ground even pulled the metal guard railing and cement down with it. The gas station is closed for the time being as a result. 

"All the rain from the sidewalk and the parking lot has run off to the edge and a section of that ground broke loose and slid down toward Highway 299. It has impacted a little bit of the state road next to the guard rail," he explained.

It's one of two they're aware of in Dade County so far.

"One of our gravel roads, we call it Newsome's Gap, we had a section of it that we did remove several tandem loads of mud over the weekend," Case said.

He says with heavy rain expected to continue through out the week they're anticipating more.

"Is it going to continue to slide? We'll watch and just make sure that it doesn't damage anymore roads," Case said.

Though no injuries were reported in either mudslide, they're asking residents to drive carefully and keep their eyes open.

"We got rain coming for a few more days on into the weekend and possibly some more coming in next week. Everybody in the tri-state area just be cautious with this rain," Case added.

Channel 3 reached out to the owners of the gas station to see when they would be back open but haven't heard back yet.

Case says GDOT has been notified.

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PREVIOUS STORY: A mudslide has forced a Dade County gas station to close.

The mudslide happened over the weekend at the MAPCO in the 900 block of Highway 299 in Wildwood, according to a Dade County EMA spokesperson. 

The spokesperson added that it is one of two mudslides that have been reported in the area.

The mudslide happened on private property, and GDOT has been notified.