UPDATE: A student was arrested at Red Bank High on Wednesday for bringing a gun to school.

Hamilton County Department of Education spokesperson Tim Hensley says another student told school officials about the student who had the weapon.

Hamilton County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Matt Lea says the school resource officer and administration investigated the claim and found a handgun on the student in question.

Lea says the student was arrested and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

The student is charged with Possession of a Weapon on School Grounds and Theft/Possession of Stolen Property.

Because of the student's age, no names are being released.

The incident caused a temporary lockdown of the school that eventually lifted.

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ORIGINAL STORY: Red Bank High School was temporarily on lockdown after a student brought a weapon to school Wednesday.

According to a press release, a student reported to school authorities that another student was in possession of a weapon.

Administration located the student and found the student did, in fact, have a weapon in their possession. 

As a precautionary manner, Hamilton County Sheriff's Office said that there will be an increased presence of law enforcement and administration at Red Bank High as the situation unfolds.

This is an on-going, controlled investigation.