Friday's list of roads that may need to be avoided. 


  • Cannon Avenue closed
  • E 32nd St at Brannon Avenue closed
  • Camp Jordan Parkway closed
  • Aster Avenue closed
  • 300 W 16th Street closed
  • 7600 Davidson Road closed


  • Accident on I-75 N beyond exit 20


  • Old Lower Mill Road is closed due to flooding
  • Poplar Springs Road near church high water
  • Poplar Springs Road near Heritage Middle School high water
  • Boynton Drive at Baggett high water
  • Dogwood Valley Road at railroad tracks high water


  • Sells Road closed
  • Creek Road by the Flight Park closed
  • Newsome Gap Road closed
  • Sulfur Springs Gap Road closed


  • Langston Road, County Road 67 closed before the boat ramp
  • Hwy 117 water nearing the roadway


  • Bridge at CR778 1/2 mile from Jones Chapel underwater


  • Nothing closed but water across the roadways


  • Dug Gap Battle Road closed for mudslide

THURSDAY: The weather continues to affect the roadways in the Tennessee Valley.  Here is a list for Thursday morning. 


  • 7600 Davidson Road
  • 300 W. 16th St
  • 323 Camp Jordan Parkway
  • E. 32nd St Brannon Avenue
  • 1172 Hotwater Road
  • Eustice Road at Dayton Pike is closed due to a broken telephone pole. It will remain closed for approximately  three hours.
  • Grubb Road at Old Hixson Pike



  • Old Mill Road in Ringgold off of Battlefield Parkway and Three Notch Road closed due to water on roadway.


  • Lyerly Dam Road in Lyerly closed due to water across the roadway


  • Creek Road in Trenton closed due to flooding


  • Stover Creek at Red Line Rd closed due to tree down
  • Dug Gap Mtn Road from Community Center all the way down Lookout Mountain closed until probably Friday due mudslide.

WEDNESDAY: Heavy rains have affected some roads, leaving standing water or flooding, with trees falling and taking down power lines.

Here is the latest as of 8:30 a.m Wednesday:


  • 225 Aster Ave – 2-3 feet of swiftly flowing water
  • Cummings Highway at Interstate 24 – Roadway is open
  • Gadd Rd / Hunter Trail – large tree blocking the roadway at 02:39 – Per EPB, will be closed extended amount of time
  • West 16th between Coward St. and Broad St. - Flooding
  • Davidson Rd. at Gunbarrel Rd. - Road Work
  • Hixson Pike between Access Rd. and Ashland Terrace - Gas leak


  • Old State Rd is closed at Sulfur Springs
  • South Sunset Drive - Several trees down in power lines


  • Flooding on Branch Road
  • Flooding on Old York near Ewtonville 
  • Flooding Davis Road


  • Dug Gap Battle Road at Coley Cliff, mudslide blocking one lane of traffic.  Deputies are on scene directing traffic, the road department is en route. 

There are also several reports of power outages throughout the Tennessee Valley. Crews are working quickly to restore power.

EPB - 200 customers without power

NGEMC - 36 customers without power 

VEC - 0 customers without power

Sequachee Utility Coop - 48 customers without power

GA Power - Roughly 1,858 customers without power