Mechanic shops are bracing for an increase in business due to the rain.

They encourage all drivers to avoid trying to drive through standing water.

Bo Ray with Quality Tire says driving through standing water can be a safety concern and it could cost you thousands in repairs.

You've heard the saying turn around don’t drown.

That's what law enforcement and mechanics like Bo Ray are encouraging drivers.

Ray says the high waters can cause damage to your vehicle.

If you must travel through water “Do it at a slow pace,” Ray said. “If it comes over the bumper or to the grill even the hood area they could put water into the engine.”

Ray says those engine repairs can add up to $5,000 depending on the vehicle.

He says the water can also cause issues for the technology is the car.

“Various sensors can short out, and it could get into the computer system,” said Ray. “It could cost thousands of thousands of dollars in damage even more so than an engine would cost.”

It's best not to try to go through the water because you never know how deep it is, and could cause your car to stall.

Ray says the unknown can also do damage to your tires.

“At the same time, you don't know if the road is washed away under the water which could also cause a problem, and making it through,” said Ray.

Ray says tire repairs and replacements are always highly requested after significant rain.