We all know those children who show up for kindergarten knowing how to read, do math and some have even learned the basics of a second language. All parents of preschoolers would love to prepare their child for kindergarten, but when is there time?

Apps and mobile devices can certainly help, but which ones can you trust?

Montessori Preschool is an app for both iOS and Android devices that is simple yet challenging for 3 and 4-year-olds. When you open the app there is a playground and the front of a school. The child or parent can then scroll across available subjects such as math, literacy, shapes, practical skills and two languages: Chinese and Coding. While it might seem odd to see computer coding offered to pre-k children, science has proven they can begin to grasp the basics.

The animations are colorful, cheerful and very well done. There are sounds that play such as "The Wheels on the Bus", so headphones might be a good idea. Montessori Preschool seems both engaging and immersive for children to play and learn rather than watching another video on mom or dad's iPad.

The app is free but with a rather small library of games available. This app offers subscriptions for $6.99 per month or $59.99 a year for all of the games and animations.

You can find the app for iPhone and Android.