Several communities took advantage of Monday's sunny skies to prepare for a waterlogged week, including one area that is still rebuilding from flash flooding that hit five months ago.

Pastor Jerry Justice is doing everything he can to keep water out of Soddy Church of God.

"Water is going to go where it's going to go. But if we can get plastic, we're going to try to do sandbags, and try to seal off the building where if there is water through here, it will flow to the creek and not in our building," Justice said.

Justice said the most important tool in his arsenal against Mother Nature is his faith. Both buildings of his church were nearly destroyed when flash flood waters rushed in last September.

"I remember standing in the parking lot that day and telling some of the people that were here I believe we're going to look back on this day and say the miracle began here," he added.

For Pastor Justice, the miracle comes through donations and those who have volunteered to help, like Bruce Klepps, who came from Daisy Church of God to offer manpower and support.

"In the military, we did sandbags and stuff. I don't have any expertise, I just fill 'em and pack 'em," Klepps said.

Every day has been a step forward in the journey of rebuilding for Pastor Justice and his church. He said he's ready for whatever Mother Nature brings.

"We just believe that this is God's work and that God is in charge of taking care of this. We look to him and gain a lot of strength. I don't have this kind of strength but he does," Justice said.

Public works crews also spent the last several days clearing the nearby creek from debris.

The city of Soddy Daisy does not have plans to open any shelters at the moment but leaders are monitoring conditions and forecasts closely.