Insurance agents say now is the best time to call to see if you need flood insurance.

John Roberts with Atlas Insurance says most policies do not include flood coverage.

He suggests some things to talk to your agent about.

Roberts says flood insurance is separate from a general policy that is backed by the federal government through FEMA.

People who want to know if they need additional flood coverage or to see if you're at risk can go to FEMA's website.

“Broken down by your zone,” said Roberts. “So each part of Hamilton County is a zone. If you are in an AE zone, then it's one of the highest rates of flooding.”

Roberts says due to the number of natural disasters the country has seen, flood insurance can be expensive.

Most rental policies do not include an option for flood coverage.

Roberts says it's important to know your policy.

“It's imperative that tenants do their best to know what your policy says, and what your contract says what's covered and what's not covered,” said Roberts.

He says it's important for agents to stay up-to-date on weather trends.

Roberts suggests contacting your agent to better understand your policy and shopping around.

“To get different prices, talk about different coverage options, and it's always important to talk to a couple different people,” said Roberts.

Click here to see if you are in a flood zone.