A Tyner Academy parent, who asked to remain anonymous, says her daughter took a picture of a bed bug in a hallway of the school last week.

“As a parent we're concerned about bed bugs at Tyner,” the parent said. “Our daughter was complaining about them and we were listening to her complaints and then she finally took a picture of one and sent it to us.”

Out of fear of bringing any bed bugs home, she says she kept her daughter home from school. 

“She came back another couple of days and said she saw bed bugs in another place," the parent said. "The principal just indicated that they had sprayed before we brought up the issue.”

The school district's spokesperson, Tim Hensley, says the problem was reported on Tuesday. According to an inspection report by the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, the inspection was done on Wednesday, the day after parent-teacher conferences were held at the school.

The report states one classroom was treated. As a precaution, a chair was removed from the classroom and several other rooms were sprayed. It also notes no follow-up was required.

A spokesperson for the health department tells Channel 3, a bed bug was found on a student, which prompted the inspection. We’re told no evidence of infestation was found.

But those who have reached out to Channel 3, are asking why they were not notified. Channel 3 took their question to Hensley on Thursday who said, "the principal was waiting for the report from the health department to message parents. The message is going out today."
We’re told the health department is monitoring the school, but concern still remains for a mother who wants her child to be safe.

“We don't want to fight a bed bug problem at home as well as at school. The cycle can keep going if it's not done properly.”

This is the second time a Hamilton County school has had an issue with bed bugs this year. Last month, bed bugs were spotted in at least three classrooms at Brainerd High School, according to Hensley.

Experts at Jody Millard Pest Control shared some tips on how parents can protect their homes from bed bugs. They say keep your children's school bags, jackets and shoes isolated, and out of living rooms and bedrooms. If you see a bed bug, it’s best to call a professional. If you cannot pinpoint where the bed bugs came from, there is a good chance the bed bugs will return.