Hundreds of people turned out Wednesday to voice concerns about various Tennessee Valley Authority projects. 

The listening session was held a day before the board of directors holds its quarterly business meeting, which is something TVA hasn't done before. 

Residents from all over the Tennessee Valley expressed their concerns, saying TVA needs to be more transparent and communicate with the people they serve.

Lindsey Arnold is from Birchwood and she claims TVA has high tension power lines running through her property.

Arnold wants TVA to start giving notice of when crews are on her land.

Arnold said, "I would just like to ask the TVA to make an effort to reach out to  all residents that have high tension power lines and let us know you all are coming and that you may be spraying chemical because I don't want our children exposed to those chemicals."

Greg Vital of Georgetown had more serious accusations.

In his address to the board of directors, Vital said, "TVA has a long history of trampling over landowners and abusing property rights while hiding behind the TVA ACT of 1933."

Vital claims TVA's Project Viper is destroying farmland, historical landmarks, and the community.

He says six months ago the power company said it was building transmission lines, but later revealed it was a $300-million complex.

The complex will serve as a “nerve “center to other plants across the region.

TVA has confirmed the project is underway, but Vital says he and his neighbors are concerned.

"What is the full extent of the project? What will it be 5 years from now? Will $300-million become $500-million? Is there a desire to annex, or to use eminent domain to take more property? We don't know," Vital said. "There is a lot of questions about the transparency and the accountability."

Scott Fiedler says the agency did go to court to allow access to land owned by and other neighbors, but the owners retained full custody of it, and Fielder says TVA has always been up front.

Fiedler said, "TVA is fully transparent, we work with property owners, in this project we also had a  public meeting we continue to work directly with property owners to keep them in the loop on what's going on."

TVA also responded to Vital's claims that Project Viper is damaging the environment saying those claims aren't true.

FROM PRESS RELEASE: The board will conduct its quarterly business meeting beginning at 9:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, Feb. 14, in the Missionary Ridge auditorium in TVA’s Chattanooga Office Complex at 1101 Market St., Chattanooga, Tenn., 37402. Board directors will consider the agenda items listed below.

  1. Report from Chair
    • Committee Charters
    • Updated Board Practice on Use of TVA Aircraft
    • Chair Selection    
  1. Report from President and CEO
  1. Report of the Finance, Rates, and Portfolio Committee
    • Asset Portfolio Evaluation: Bull Run and Paradise
    • Research and Renewable Projects to support Distributed Energy Resources
    • Dual Metering Standard Change and Design Exploration for Green Power Providers
  1. Report of the Audit, Risk, and Regulation Committee
  1. Report of the Nuclear Oversight Committee
  1. Report of the External Relations Committee
  1. Report of the People and Performance Committee
    • Update on CEO Succession Process

The board meeting can be viewed live from the Board of Director’s website. The link will be available a few minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting at 9:30 a.m.