The last time we featured this case, we simply conveyed the facts. This time, we ll introduce you to the victim and her grandmother who cares for her now all day, everyday. Their spirit will inspire you, but if you know something about what happened, we hope their pain will convince you to call. Police believe there are people who know who pulled the trigger.

"This didn't have to happen because it was just a kids fight," said Lisa Bass, little Mercy's custodial grandmother. Someone got involved in that fight; someone with a gun. The result: that precious 9-year old girl was shot.

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Before that July evening, Mercy was an active girl. "Mercy was on the dance team; she loved to dance," Bass said. "She loved to play basketball. So, by her being shot, that right there took all that away from her."

Those activities were replaced by surgeries, at least four since July, and doctor visits.

Police don't believe she was an intended target, but the bullet cost this little girl the use of her bowels and bladder and put her in a wheelchair. Mercy is resilient, though. Robotics will soon train her to walk with braces. "Without them braces, she can't walk. With them, she can walk with a walker a short distance, not a long distance," Bass explained. "Since July, she's wheelchair-bound, but she's, she still loves to dance and she do that now in her wheelchair."

Lisa Bass performs a lot of Mercy's health care at home. She credits big sister Sequoia and a praying church for helping them make it. So far, justice has eluded this family. Their lives have been changed forever, bu, whoever is responsible still enjoys their freedom.

Police say there were a number of people out on Doolittle Street that night, and there are folks who know who pulled the trigger. If you know, call Crime Stoppers."Put yourself in my shoes," Bass pleaded. "If it was y'all, y'all would want somebody to come forward to get some kind of justice for your child or your grandchild; so we can have some kind of peace."

If you know something, we really need to hear from you. The best thing about Crime Stoppers is your anonymity. No one will know you helped unless you tell them. We will never ask your name.

There is also the matter of the reward cash we offer. Up to $1,000 is available for your good tip.

Call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.