First, it was the Tide Pod Challenge. Then it was the Momo Challenge. Now there's a new challenge circulating on the internet.

Local law enforcement officers are urging parents to be on the lookout for a new challenge on the internet that's encouraging teens and kids to run away.

"Children often times don't need extra encouragement to make poor choices," Adam Lewis, with the Bradley County Sheriff's Office, said.

Kids who accept the 48-Hour Challenge on Facebook are supposed to run away from home for a minimum of two days.

The scoring is based on how many 'shares' they get on Facebook.

"Whether it be for attention or to scare their parents or their friends, that's what we know," Lewis told Channel 3.

After several recent cases of runaways in Bradley County, the sheriff's office is asking parents to monitor their children closely.

"Like a lot of the fads on social media, it's encouraging teens to run away for 48 hours," he explained.

The 48-Hour Challenge started on Facebook. Lewis said in the last week, they've seen an odd spike in runaway cases.

"Last week was a bit of an anomaly. We had five juveniles that were reported as runaways that we were investigating and have located almost all of those individuals since then," he said.

Lewis said right now they don't believe any of the five cases were influenced by the 48-Hour Challenge, but parents still need to know the signs.

"Distress at home, rebellious behavior, trouble at school, certainly if a teen has threatened to run away. The single best thing parents can do to avoid a situation like this is to spend time with your teens and with your children," Lewis went on.

Lewis also said parents should pay close attention to what their kids are getting into.

"Certainly, I think it's important in this day and age, for parents to be aware of who they're hanging out with and what they're being exposed to," he added.

Lewis said four of the five runaway teens in Bradley County have been found.

Channel 3 has reached out to Facebook for comment on whether they're taking any measures to prevent this challenge from spreading. We have yet to hear back.