It will take weeks to figure out the exact cost of Tuesday's eight-hour standoff on Memphis Drive.

But Sgt. Rusty Morrison, who is the commander of the SWAT Team for the Chattanooga Police Department said it wasn't cheap.

First, consider personnel.

All of the available 25 SWAT Team members and negotiators responded, so did several police officers.

"Some of those officers are already on duty, some of those officers are coming from home. Again, could have been coming from their kid's birthday, that would have been on overtime," Morrison said.

Second, consider the cost of fuel needed to transport responding vehicles and keep them running for eight hours, like Hamilton County EMS, a Chattanooga Fire Department engine and a Hamilton County Rehab truck. They all remained on standby for additional support.

Morrison showed Channel 3 the Lenco BearCat vehicle that he said played a critical role Tuesday in his team's response.

It's fully armored, meaning it protects the SWAT Team members and negotiators inside.

"This is one of our primary vehicles or pieces of equipment that we use. It gives us the luxury or ability to get close to the residence that we're dealing with," he added.

There is also the cost of the equipment used, like the dozen containers of tear gas used to get Dwight Land to surrender.

"We used some of our less lethal options to try and drive this individual out of the house and those cost anywhere from $20-$40 that we're using," Morrison said.

And while the cost and inconvenience are frustrating for some, Morrison said it's all worth it when everyone is able to go home safely.