The Athens Utilities Board is warning local business owners and homeowners about a scam.

A scammer called an AUB customer and threatened to turn her power off unless she made a payment immediately either over the phone or using money cards purchased at retail outlets.

A second woman received a call Wednesday from a scammer claiming "work for the utility." The person told her she needed to make a payment on her "overdue power bill" and threatened to turn off her electricity.

“Luckily, the customer called our offices at AUB to inquire. While she was talking with one of our customer service representatives over the phone, she learned that her account is in good standing with no impending service disruption due to an overdue bill,’” AUB’s Wayne Scarbrough said.

The customer said the scammer did not say they were collecting for AUB, but instead simply referenced the "utility serving her home."

The scammer then said, “we are Athens Utilities. We have called you numerous times and you keep hanging up," the AUB spokesperson added.

The utility said customers will never receive a call demanding they make a payment immediately over the phone.

“Any phone payments to AUB are initiated by the customer calling the utility, not the other way around,” Scarbrough said.

If you get a call like this, AUB says you need to hang up and call police.

“For reassurance regarding your AUB account, call us at 745-4501 and ask for a customer service representative to review your account with you,” Scarbrough said.