Kim Clark was driving under an overpass on Murfreesboro Pike near I-24 when concrete hit her car.

“All of a sudden I heard the most horrific sound,” Clark said. “I looked in my rearview mirror and my sunroof was literally flying off in bits and pieces.”

TDOT went out to the bridge after it happened and tells NBC affiliate News4 the bridge was hit by an over-sized load, but it was never reported.

“You can see a dry piece where the chuck of concrete fell out,” Clark said.

Clark says people have been reaching out to her saying they’ve had similar incidents on other roads around Middle Tennessee. Erin McDermott was one of those people.

McDermott spoke with News4 in January after concrete hit her car on I-40 between the Broadway and Division Overpasses. She thought someone had thrown the large block. TDOT says they will be out tomorrow inspecting these bridges to see if the concrete actually fell from the bridge.

TDOT inspects every bridge in Tennessee, every two years. There are more than 800 bridges just in Davidson County.

The Broadway and Division Street overpasses were last inspected at the end of 2017. The bridge where Clark’s car was damaged was last inspected almost exactly two years ago.

“Rebar is hanging out of that bridge, it’s in horrible shape,” Clark said.

TDOT says CSX owns the bridge and they will be responsible for repairs.

CSX sent this statement about the bridge:

“CSX is coordinating with TDOT to conduct additional visual inspections of the bridge and determine next steps. This bridge is inspected annually and our records show it is structurally sound and safe for railroad traffic. It’s important to note that low clearance warning signs for roadway drivers are the responsibility of the roadway authority, and we urge drivers to heed those warnings. CSX is committed to working with TDOT to help ensure the safety of both our employees and the motoring public.”

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