Public Art Chattanooga is seeking approval of its 10-year strategic plan from city council members and asking for funding.

Three people spoke on behalf of Public Art Chattanooga. City council members had a long list of questions for them. Mainly whether the creation of public art is more important than road maintenance.

District One Councilman Chip Henderson said, "I think I will be remiss if I voted on something for art that was tied to percentages of anything in the budget before we had something in place that addressed our paving needs in the city."

The art commission is asking for 2% of Capital Improvement Funding.

The percentage of funding from those projects would go to the creation of various forms of art in different parts of the community.

Councilman Darrin Ledford says a rough estimate would be around $600,000.

Public art leaders say residents are demanding art in their area.

One of the presenters said a young girl from Howard High School wanted to see more art in the Alton Park neighborhood that would reflect the culture of African American people and the Hispanic population.

A Public Art’s spokesman says the plans are not set in stone and are subject to change.

Councilman Ken Smith says the art commission needs to focus on the practical aspects of what it wishes to accomplish.

Public Art Chattanooga has until next week to answer additional questions before the council is set to approve or deny the commission’s 10-year plan.