It has been a month since a plane crashed in Soddy Daisy, killing two people who were on board.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) released its initial report on the crash Monday, but a spokesperson for Captain Frank Davey's family says eyewitness statements contradict what was shared with local authorities.

Family members of both victims also say there were four GoPro cameras on board the plane when it crashed instead of just one noted in the report. Despite the discrepancies, they say they are thankful for the NTSB’s work so far.

Former NTSB Chairman Jim Hall says the report is the first step to figure out what went wrong.

“I am pleased a report has been produced,” said Hall.

NTSB's initial report includes an account by an eyewitness, who says the plane was flying low and made a tight U-turn before spiraling down toward the water.

“There seems to be adequate information to proceed,” said Hall.

The report goes on to say one go pro camera was on board the plane when it crashed. Hall say it's a new trend in aviation. The victims' families believe there were four cameras on board. No matter the count, Hall says footage will help in the investigation.

But it will depend on what was captured.

“Does the video show the instrument panel? Did the video show any of the operators and the occupants in the aircraft or was it strictly looking forward?” Hall asked.

The NTSB did not go to the crash scene due to the partial government shutdown. Hall says because of that there is a possibility important information was not gathered. He says the shutdown will impact the investigation moving forward.

“With the government shutdown there is a back log in the people that are trained and qualified to look at any visual information and provide some analysis,” Hall explained. “I can only imagine that is what is going on.”

Hall says we can expect their final report will likely take six months to a year to complete. He added that if there is another government shutdown, it will add another delay to this investigation and others.