A group of cyclists was almost hit by a driver last Saturday.

A helmet camera recorded the incident and now the driver, who authorities say they have identified, is set to be cited.

John Smith was the cyclist who was just inches away from being hit by a blue pick-up truck. He says this incident gave him a quite a scare.

Smith says he and his cycling group were on Ooltewah-Georgetown Road about a mile from Cambridge Square when the incident happened.

Smith said, “The driver misses me by what I thought was just a couple of inches and one of the guys behind me also had video footage and it looked like it was more close to 12 to 16 inches. When the wind brushed me, it felt like he hit me."

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office is set to cite the driver for violating the 3-feet rule.

The rule states a driver must maintain a safe distance when passing a cyclist.

Smith said, "The only reason we ask for 3-feet is that if you’re within 3-feet of us we don't get the blow back off of your vehicle, the wind and if you're in a very large vehicle and you're trying to pass us."

Smith advises whenever you take to the roadways on your bike, make sure you have lights and reflectors on your bicycle. Stay as close to the white line as possible and if you're riding in a group stay as close to the right side as possible.

Smith says, in the end, everyone needs to share the road.

Smith said, “Respect the road for everybody, both cyclists and motorists are the same. When motorists are outside riding give cyclists some space, and if you're cyclists just understand that motorists have a right to the road as well and you don't have the right to the whole road, so share the road equally."

The Hamilton County sheriff's office is set to release more about this incident on Wednesday.

WRCB has been told the driver has already been contacted.

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