If lawmakers do not reach a deal by Friday to fund the government, it could be bad news for people trying to buy a home with a government loan.

Greg Payne helps home-buyers get loans. He said buyers who need a USDA government loan can't get one during a shutdown and even though that's just one of many loan options for a home-buyer, he said it could have a big impact on the market.

"Really what that does is it hurts buyers who are younger, who don't have as much money to put down, and are trying to buy their first home,” Payne explained. “USDA is used a lot by first-time home buyers."

A USDA loan is a government loan aimed at helping people trying to buy a house for the first time. However, when the government shuts down so does a buyers ability to get that loan.

Payne said after the last shutdown, the approval process to get the loan was backed up by about 28 days, creating problems for buyers and sellers.

"It's very frustrating for the borrower. It's very frustrating for the seller, because they have a good borrower they just can't move on and sell their house," Payne said.

Payne said that the seller might not be able to buy a house they want because their current home is stuck in limbo waiting on a USDA loan for a potential buyer.

What's even worse for buyers using a USDA loan is, sellers can back out of a deal if the contract expires during a shutdown.

"I got a contract this weekend that's USDA and I'm like, now you know that this could impact you,” Payne explained. “It slows things down. You just have to be forthcoming with your client and let them know."

Payne said another long shutdown could hurt the housing market for a while.

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