A new bill has reached the Tennessee State Assembly that would allow homes impacted by sewage moratoriums to build homes with a septic tank.

This bill was introduced back in January, in order to help property owners facing sewage issues.

Representative Patsy Hazelwood says it's time sewage moratoriums were lifted.

"Who has a piece of property and are ready to build a home on it to go ahead and be able to do so without waiting for the moratorium to be lifted,” Hazelwood says.

Hazelwood says her new bill will benefit everyone looking to build new homes.

The bill would require people to tie into a sewer system within 90 days, after a moratorium is lifted.

Representative Mike Carter says the bill is just the first step in the right direction.

"It is an improvement, but we've left open, in my opinion, it still leaves open too much,” Carter says.

The language of the bill has caused some confusion among environmental groups.

Kim Schofinski with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) says, "We are currently working with the bill sponsors to clarify the language of the bill to ensure it accomplishes the intent of the sponsors."

Hazelwood says this bill is not meant to dodge environmental regulations, but help out property owners.

"We aren't trying to get around any environmental impacts or anything like that. My goal is to allow property owners utilize their properties,” Hazelwood says.

If the bill is passed this week, it will go into effect at the beginning of July.

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