I haven't seen it yet, but my wife and daughter sprung into action watching a show on Netflix called "Tidying Up" with Marie Kondo. From what I understand the entire show encourages you to throw things out that "don't bring you joy." We went to the app stores to find something from Ms. Kondo but only found an app called "Get Rid of It."

I haven't seen "Tidying Up," but if it's anything like this app, you won't have much left in your closet when you're done with the steps.

"Get Rid of It" encourages its users to get rid of 1 item on day 1, 2 items on day 2, 3 items on day 3 and so on. Thinking ahead to the end of the month I wonder if there'll be anything left to wear.

On the first day I found a shirt that doesn't fit anymore so that was a piece of cake. Day 2 I easily found 2 ball caps I hadn't worn in years. On day 3 I looked through my shoes and found a pair that had enough dust on it to count for another item.

Things started getting tougher on day 5. I found a side table with shaky legs I promised I would fix (3 years ago). I stopped at that point so I could do this review.

The app also asks that you take a photo of each item and gives the option to make a note, but it doesn't require you to do that. I can easily see how this app will change your closet and chest of drawers. By my math, after 31 days, 500 items would no longer be in my possession.

"Get Rid of It" is a free app for iPhones and Android devices. It works, as long as you're willing.