It was a “Night to Shine” for a group of people who went to prom Friday evening.

Hundreds of churches around the world participated in the Night to Shine event, which is a prom for people with special needs.

The guests at this prom were greeted with cheers as they walked in the door.

"She went and got her hair done,” mom, Amanda Sharp said. “Of course, everybody was complimenting her on how well she did and how well she looked."

The guests received corsages and boutonnieres and met with their "buddy" for the evening for a night of food, dancing, and games.

This was the first time Wauhatchie United Methodist Church in Lookout Valley hosted the event. It's an annual celebration with the Tim Tebow Foundation.

Fourteen churches across Tennessee participated, creating a prom night for teenagers and adults who have special needs.

Amanda Sharpe says it's an experience she's happy her daughter gets to have.

"It's amazing,” Sharpe said. “It's something I never thought she would get to experience and she has had a blast from beginning to end."

"It melts my heart. To know that we're offering something like that, an experience for these kids to be able to do this,” Pastor Tommy Messer said. “That's what it's all about, to love on them and show them God's love."

About 655 churches hosted a Night to Shine prom on Friday night and they all happened at the same time.

The Tim Tebow Foundation said about 100,000 guests and 200,000 volunteers participated nationwide.