To put it as simply as possible, movies are shot on film while everything else is shot with video cameras.

If you've ever watched a movie in a theater, and then watched it again on your TV, you may have noticed it just doesn't look the same.

"When you go from what the director is filming it with to what you're watching on TV, you're going to get a lot of blur," said Terrance Cole with Best Buy.

Cole says it's because new TVs are shipped with something called interpolation that smooths the picture.

It’s great for ballgames and fast action. However, a movie can look a little weird. They call it the soap opera effect.

You can turn it off on newer TVs, but they haven't made it easy. It's way down in settings, and then way down some more.

With older TVs, you don't even get the option.

It's a big enough deal that Hollywood actors, like Tom Cruise, are talking about it on Twitter.

Talks are underway with TV manufacturers to make it easier to turn the feature off and on.

Each TV brand has a different name for interpolation. To find out how to turn it off on your TV, the best way is to search for it on Google.

Most people don't care and they can't tell a difference unless the TV screens are side-by-side. But film fans do care and want to watch the movies on their TV screens the way Hollywood intended.