If it's packed in a suitcase or left on a plane, it could wind up for sale at Unclaimed Baggage.

They sell a wide variety of items commonly taken on business trips and vacations such as clothes, cameras, jewelry, electronics and golf clubs. You never know what people may pack, so you could be one of the lucky shoppers to scoop up an African mask, vacuum-packed frogs or even a snowboard.   

Brenda Cantrell, Brand Ambassador with Unclaimed Baggage, says, "we've got everything from the frilly, to the shiny, to the tech."

All clothing is professionally cleaned and electronic equipment is thoroughly tested and all personal data is erased before an item is sold.

More than 7,000 new items are rolled out daily.

"We represent all types of passengers cause they're flying across America every single day," Cantrell said.

Unclaimed Baggage even has jewelry ranging from everyday costume jewelry to fine jewelry but at a discount. 

"It's not how much you spend, but how much you save," Cantrell added 

Airlines try for three to four months to return luggage left behind to its owner.  By the end of this time frame, claims have been paid out by the airlines, and the items are sent with no identifying information to Unclaimed Baggage to be re-purposed or sold.   

Airlines do not make a profit from unclaimed baggage. 

During the week, crowds are often smaller, and on weekends, there are fun in-store events. See the Upcoming Events page for more details