For the past two decades, he was the most famous pig in Tennessee, and probably the most famous in the country.

Wilbur, the cover face of the classic book Charlotte's Web, has moved on to hog heaven.

"He was a rock star."

Wilbur was the cover boy from the 1996 re-release of the book.

He's gone, and it's okay.

"He'd have been about 86-years-old compared to a human, so yes he had a good easy life, he was spoiled."

This week Wilbur's owner John L. Batey has been reminiscing.

"Yeah, that's Wilbur," Batey points to a photo album.

Memories through the years, grandkids with Wilbur at all of the Batey's life events...

Even when he started putting some pounds on. I was there three years ago, when he'd grown to 600 pounds.

A family member, and just the perfect amount of cute for that cover.

The Batey Farm has been here since 1807, that's eight generations.

No one ever more talked about than that pig.

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