An Indiana husband and wife are looking for a young couple who turned a scenic photo into a priceless memory.

Rock City is a Lookout Mountain spectacle, known for its festive celebrations. One husband and wife visiting from Indiana had their own surprising experience. 

"It makes it more memorable," said Gary Richter.

They snapped a photo during their visit to Rock City in September.

At first glance it's a scenic picture of Lover’s Leap, which is what the couple expected. But four months later they took a closer look.

"I was very excited! I though it was just a perfect shot," exclaimed Illona Lipovsky.

A perfect shot of a perfect moment. They caught on camera what appears to be a marriage proposal.

The picture shows a crowd gathered around in the background with phones out as one person is getting ready to kneel down.

"I was like oh my gosh! That guy is about to propose to that young lady," Richter recalled from looking back at the picture.

Now the surprise photographers are on the hunt for the mystery couple.

“Well, it was quite a surprise," the photographers said. "You start thinking about those people, what happened, did she say yes?!”

Richter and Lipovsky hope social media can help them get the photo to the mystery couple.

If you know the couple, tell us who they are! We are told the picture was taken September 22.

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