A Rossville, Georgia man fell victim to a recent scam that's circulating in parts of North Georgia.

Stephen Laymon was scammed over the phone Monday morning.

A Las Vegas number contacted him saying he won the jackpot.

All Laymon had to do was send money in the form of a check, money order, or pre-paid card, and he would walk away with thousands of dollars and a brand new car.

"They said if you send six hundred and seventy-five dollars, we will have you eighty-nine thousand dollars plus fifty-thousand dollars landed at the airport,” said Laymon.

As soon as Laymon sent the money, he realized it was a mistake.

"They shafted me. And I don't want to see that happen to anybody else. And when something like that happens to be too good to be true, it basically is not true,” said Laymon.

Laymon filled a report with the Walker County Sheriff's Office to report the theft that has left him unable to pay this week's bills.

"And I can't buy them this month, I can't buy nothing. I can't pay EPB their money and Friday, I will have no lights. Right now, I'm doing good to get up to four hundred and ninety-five dollars to give these people for losing my apartment,” Laymon said.

When he told his friends and work, they offered Laymon money to help him cover the cost of rent this month.

He hopes by sharing his story it will help others avoid the same mistake.

"Don't answer it. Block it automatically, quick. Because if you don't then you'll be in the same boat I'm in,” Laymon said.

This type of scam has also been reported in other parts of North Georgia; One victim lost eight-thousand dollars. 

Calhoun Police sent a press release out warning of several reports of people being scammed similar ways.