UPDATE: Cleveland police say a local dog trainer is facing another charge of animal cruelty following a customer’s complaint that his dog was neglected while at the training facility.

Police spokesperson Sgt. Evie West says Stephen Corey Kinder, owner of Kinder Dog Training, has been charged with cruelty to animals.

Sgt. West says the dog’s owner Jason Boehm dropped the dog off at Kinder’s training business on Adkisson Drive on January 4.

West says Boehm made arrangements to pick up his dog after seeing a news story about another dog being neglected by Kinder.

Boehm reported to police that his dog was very skinny and appeared to be in poor condition when arrived to pick up the pet.

Boehm took the dog to a veterinarian who noted concerns of dehydration, tartar, carpal laxity (a condition affecting the carpal bones caused by weakness of the limbs due to lack of exercise), pressure sores, and underweight.

Vet records show the dog weighed 32.2 pounds on December 15, 2018 and weighed 31.5 pounds on February 5, 2019 after being at Kinder’s Dog Training.

Police say Boehm was told by his vet that the dog was about 10 pounds under weight and weight loss for a dog at this age was uncommon.

West Boehm gave police the vet’s report as well as pictures that show sores on the dog’s paws and underbelly. Police say the dog’s bone structure “is very pronounced through its skin and fur.”

Sgt. West says due to the dog being in Kinder’s care and the poor condition the dog was in when it was picked up led to Kinder being charged with animal cruelty.

Channel 3 has also learned that the Humane Educational Society has ended its partnership with Kinder Dog Training.

Bob Citrullo with HES said they canceled their partnership after recent claims of neglect became public

Citrullo says several dogs from HES were sent to Kinder for training, but that 5 dogs were returned to them with health issues including being malnourished, dehydration and internal parasites.

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PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland police arrested the owner of a dog training company for multiple charges of animal cruelty on Monday.

Arrest records show 42-year-old Stephen Corey Kinder, owner of Kinder Dog Training, was arrested on February 4.

Kinder is charged with four counts of cruelty to animals.

The Cleveland Police Department confirmed on Monday that Kinder was under investigation, following a complaint from a customer who claimed her dog, Dunkin, was malnourished while being trained at Kinder's business.

Kinder told Channel 3, Dunkin's owner did not provide enough food for the dog and that he had to supply the dog with the food needed. 

It's unclear if Monday's arrest is connected to the complaint filed by the customer.

A lawsuit has also been filed against Kinder by a second customer from Walker County, Georgia. The lawsuit claims Kinder abused the plaintiff's dog, Tank. 

The lawsuit seeks more than $6,000 for attorney fees and actual damages.

Here's a copy of the lawsuit filed against Kinder:

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