This fall, Chattanooga families will have another private school option for their student.

Olivet Baptist Church and Chattanooga Christian School have teamed up to open a Christian School.

Currently, Olivet Baptist Church has a daycare and other learning opportunities like GED programs.

They plan to expand their education options over the next few years.

The pastor calls it an "affordable" option.

The King School will be on the Olivet campus off M.L. King Blvd.

Senior Pastor Kevin Adams says this opportunity will give students another option for a Christian based education in Chattanooga.

“It's already filled to total capacity,” said Kevin Adams. “So they wanted to do some ministry in the urban community, and they're heard we also had a vision and a concern to do this also.”

Chattanooga Christian School is helping the king school with ideas to help increase student success.

Adams says this gives families the opportunity for their child to go to an affordable private school.

It will cost $6,500 per year, excluding after school care.

Financial aid will be available by application.

“Some of it would be tuition based in some of it we will have grants, and some of them we will be able to give scholarships.” Adams.

Adams says the church has talked about starting a school for years.

Olivet Baptist Church has two campuses one downtown and the other on highway 58.

Adams says this fall they will accept kindergarteners and first graders, with plans to expand in the future.

“We are going to add a grade every year, and possibly just keep adding all the way up until we reach the 12th grade.” Said Adams.

Right now the price of five-day pre-k at their partnering school Chattanooga Christian is just over nine thousand dollars.

Adams says his goals is to keep the school affordable so students from different backgrounds can attend.

“Look at the applications and try to make sure that there is an equal opportunity that is fair across-the-board,” said Adams.

Adams says there are about 30 slots for students next year.