Calhoun, Georgia police are warning of a spike in internet, phone and lottery scams. 

According to Chief Tony Pyle, Calhoun Police Department has had an increase in complaints involving scam callers asking for money orders, checks or prepaid cards.

Scammers tell the potential victim that they have purchased a winning lottery ticket, but are unable to cash in the ticket due to their citizenship status.

The scammers then say they are willing to split the winnings with the victim if they cash the ticket. In one particular case, a scammer met a victim in person and scammed the individual out of approximately $8,000. 

While this is just one instance, Calhoun police have seen an array of different scams prying for financial information. 

“There are so many variances of these scams, it is imperative that everyone remain diligent in their efforts to protect their personal and financial information.” Said Chief Pyle.

Anyone with questions or concerns about an online, phone or person-to-person scams are urged to contact their local law enforcement agency.

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