Chattanooga police say the person who was hit by a vehicle in the 5000 block of Highway 153 next to Northgate Mall is in serious, but stable condition.

Justin Smith says his first thought when he saw the scene Sunday night was to help.

Smith says he saw the person hit by the vehicle lying on the ground and their belongings scattered.

Smith said, "There were no lights where he was at, it was hard for anybody to see him until you’re up on somebody. His hat was probably 15 yards away from where his body was at and his shoe was all the way in the slow lane in the opposite direction."

Channel 3 reached out to the Chattanooga Police Department to find out how many people were hit on that stretch of highway in 2018. Five people were hit on Highway 153 and two of those people died.

Blythe Bailey with the Chattanooga Department of Transportation says the numbers are alarming.

Bailey said, “We are looking at all kinds of things we can do to make it safer for people there. We have already refreshed some of our street markings and one of those intersections near Northgate on 153 to create a safer condition for pedestrians who are walking out there."

The Chattanooga Police Department suggests staying on designated walkways or crosswalks when walking at night, watch for traffic by looking both ways, make yourself visible to drivers by wearing reflective or bright clothing and when in doubt do not cross.

Bailey said, “Speed is the most dangerous thing for pedestrians and there is data to show that going above a certain speed can almost always result in a serious crash. So please drive the speed limit."

The Chattanooga Department of Transportation also says it has signal control in the area. This allows the department to control the flow of traffic which helps deter drivers from speeding.

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