UPDATE: In Dalton, a registered sex offender is behind bars, accused of stalking a teenager on her way to school. 

Dalton police believe there could be more victims. 

As of Tuesday, police tell Channel 3, no one else has come forward but because of the man's history of sex crimes, police are working to make sure there are no other victims. 

Dalton police credit a teenage girl and her quick thinking for getting Anthony Wayne Ray off the streets. 

"To know when you're walking that something's not right, there's a car that's not right, it's not doing what other cars normally do, somebody in that car isn't acting right. Just for those things and to be aware of those things at that age is incredible," Assistant Chief Chris Crossen said. 

Crossen said the teenager was walking to school along Henderson Street Monday when she noticed a man in a blue SUV pleasuring himself while following her. 

She snapped a picture of the SUV and it's license plate and reported what happened to the school resource officer at Morris Innovative High School. 

"To be able to have that specific type of information certainly led to the speed that this was concluded," Crossen added.  

Investigators ran the license plate, which led them to Ray, a 46-year-old man from Chatsworth listed as a sexually dangerous predator on Georgia's Sex Offender Registry. 

When questioned by police, Ray denied being in the area but his court ordered GPS ankle monitor revealed he was. 

"This is a type of person that when they commit a crime like this, getting them off and out of the area and making the appropriate charges is certainly a big thing for us and the rest of the community," Crossen said. 

Court documents show Ray is no stranger to police. 

In 2013, Dalton police arrested and charged Ray with indecent exposure and stalking. 

In 2011, Ray pleaded guilty to aggravated child molestation, public indecency, and false imprisonment in connection to a 2004 incident. 

Documents show Ray was sentenced to eight years behind bars and 22 years of probation for the 2011 plea deal. 

He was also required to register as a sex offender and wear an ankle monitor. 

If you've had any similar encounters in the Dalton area, call Detective Aaron Simpson at 706-278-9085, ext. 9253.

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ORIGINAL STORY: After receiving a report of a man following a high school student in a car Monday morning while masturbating, the Dalton Police Department arrested 46-year-old Anthony Wayne Ray of Chatsworth on multiple charges.

Dalton police say Ray is listed as a sexually dangerous predator on Georgia’s sex offender registry in connection with a 2011 child molestation case. Now investigators want to know if any other people may have had similar encounters with him.

The incident happened near Morris Innovative High School where the teenage female victim is a student.

Police say the victim reported that when she was walking to school along Henderson Street, she noticed a man in a blue SUV following her slowly along the roadway. The victim told police that at one point, the man pulled into her path and she had to walk around the car. 

Police say the student snapped a picture of the vehicle and its license plate before hurrying away to school. The victim told Officer Steven Collins, the school resource officer for Morris Innovative that she saw the driver of the vehicle masturbating while following her.

After running the license plate, Dalton officers tracked down the registered owner of the vehicle, Anthony Ray.

Police say Ray denied the allegation and also denied ever even being in the area of the school on Monday morning. However, as part of his probation he is required to wear an ankle monitor and a review of the GPS tracking data on the monitor revealed that Ray had indeed been in the Henderson Street area near Morris Innovative High School this morning.

After further investigation, Ray was arrested on charges of stalking, public indecency, and making false statements to police.

Anyone who may have had a similar encounter with a man in a blue 2000 model Ford Explorer SUV or who might have more information on this crime is asked to please contact Detective Aaron Simpson at 706-278-9085 extension 9253.

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