You could fall asleep scrolling through the app stores looking for an app that'll help you catch some zzz's.

"Soothing Sleep Sounds" promises to do that, so does it work?

"Soothing Sleep Sounds" offers more sounds than other apps that specialize in white-noise, fans, or rain.

This app plays sounds of rain, thunderstorms, ocean waves, crickets, chimes, and others. It has multiple choices too.

If you don't hear one that's just right for you, “Soothing Sleep Sounds" lets you create your own mix.

Like other sleep apps, you choose how long you want it to play. With some sleep-inducing apps, you can hear the loop. In other words, it may be a 30-second clip that repeats over and over. I haven't noticed that with this app. Then again, that may happen after I fall asleep.

The free version has ads that pop up on the screen; a paid version removes those and has more sound choices.

If you just can't fall asleep, "Soothing Sleep Sounds" might help.