A Cleveland dog trainer says he is receiving threats on Facebook after a customer filed a report with police saying her dog did not receive proper care.

The Great Dane pup was in the custody of Kinder Dog Training for seven weeks. The dog's owner says when she got him back he was malnourished and sick.

The owner picked up her Great Dane named Dunkin on Sunday and was shocked to find him with sores, lethargic, and his ribs showing.

She says that is not how she left him.

A veterinarian diagnosed the dog as malnourished and dehydrated.

Abigail Eastburn dropped Dunkin off at the training center in Cleveland on December 17.

She says they told her the training would take four weeks and would include boarding.

“Making promises about things that will be done, teaching him to sit, stay, and potty training,” said Abigail Eastburn.

Two weeks later, Eastburn got a call asking for her to extend Dunkin's stay.

Stephen Kinder, the owner of the facility, says that’s common practice.

“For boarding, and training contracts we always extend if they're not done training,” said Stephen Kinder. “They had not told us the extent to the problems, and when the dog is extended we do not charge extra.”

Kinder invited Channel 3 into his training facility in response to Eastburn's claims, but would not allow our camera inside citing the terms of his lease agreement.

Eastburn says Dunkin suffers from more than being malnourished and dehydrated.

She says she's heartbroken that this happened.

“He was immobilized for long periods of time. He has bedsores along his body, and he's mentally not okay,” said Eastburn.

“I am not happy with the condition of the dog as well, but the owners did not provide enough food,” said Kinder. “So, we had to provide our own food for them.”

Eastburn says she did her research before she dropped off her dog. She says she also tried to get pictures of her dog through the training process, but only received a verbal response over the phone.

“I did call them a lot. Every time I called them it was always, 'oh, he's great.' Nothing about being malnourished or not eating,” said Eastburn.

Eastburn posted before and after photos of Dunkin on Facebook. Her post has been shared nearly 1,000 times.

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Kinder said the response on social media has him worried about his safety.

“My employees, my wife and I have received death threats against us and our dogs,” said Kinder. “People want to come to our house to destroy things, and they want to come to our business to destroy things.”

Eastburn lives in Atlanta and met Kinder in Dalton to pick up Dunkin.

She filed a police report in Dalton.

The investigation has now been handed over to Cleveland police. Cleveland police say they are taking it seriously.

A spokesperson for the department says that investigation is just getting started.

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