Southeast Whitfield Assistant Coach Chad Murray knows how rare Friday was. Ridgeland and Southeast Witfield were two of 15 schools invited to a special NFL Super Bowl experience.

"The smile on their faces say enough, what they're given right now from the NFL is priceless," Murray said.

They had access to areas restricted to even the media. 

It included on-field drills with pros, free NFL swag and some classroom time.

"They get to hear from pros, former pros, guys that are telling them about more than football, there's education," Kip Klein, Ridgeland interim head coach, said. "It's just a catalyst that gets them where they want to go."

Both teams had a chance to listen to world-renowned motivational speaker and former NFL player Eric Thomas.

"It opened up my eyes, like one decision can change my life," Southeast Whitfield linebacker Sammy Soto said.

"To hear him talk about his life story, what he had to do to get to where he's at, that's amazing," Ridgeland linebacker Terrance Roberts said.

Thomas, who was previously hired by Nick Saban to talk to the Tide, left a lasting impact with several from North Georgia when he asked players to choose their own non-negotiables, meaning things they will not do. 

"I will not go to jail, I don't want to be remembered like that, I want to make a difference, make my mom proud," Soto said.