Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum has scheduled a Community Action Meeting that will focus on animal abuse and cruelty.

Saturday, February 16, the public is invited to join the sheriff at 10:30 am at the courthouse in Altamont to come up with an action plan.

"We know it's an issue. It's always been an issue, and it's just gotten to the point where it needs to be addressed," Sheriff Shrum said during a Facebook Live video Saturday.

Sheriff Shrum explained that this issue is not one the sheriff's office can tackle alone.

"What we've gotta do is come up with some kind of action plan that we can hand the community and go 'here, let's try this; let's run with it.' And that is what this meeting's about," Sheriff Shrum added.

The sheriff said he is going to hand out a list of resources and contacts that he feels would be helpful in hopes that someone or a group in the community would work on this project.

Sheriff Shrum said he believes it is important that they also address that "animal abuse, not always, but animal abuse, cruelty can be an indicator of people abuse."

He added that there are things that can be uncovered because of animal abuse.

"I think the other thing we need to understand is this, a lot of times animals are just dumped. They wind up in people's property. Those people can't take care of them, but they don't have a resource." Sheriff Shrum explained. "What we would like to do is get together a little network, and hopefully, hopefully, come up with a few contacts where when we run into this we can call these contacts and say hey this is what we've got and get some help."

Sheriff Shrum said he wants the community to come out and share their ideas. 

"We welcome your input. We welcome your ideas, for sure," Sheriff Shrum said.

For more information, visit the sheriff office's Facebook page.