The days until Super Bowl LIII are dwindling. After 33 people were arrested in Atlanta on sex trafficking charges, officials with the Dalton Police Department say it's a dangerous time for many women in those cities and the ones nearby. 

Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department says with major sporting events often comes a higher number of sex trafficking cases.

"They do see people, unfortunately, being brought in for events like that," he said.

That statement rang true just days ahead of Super Bowl LIII.

"The FBI and GBI and some other agencies, you know, they announced a pretty large bust down there in the Atlanta area leading up to Superbowl," Frazier explained.

Frazier said even though Dalton PD wasn't involved in that bust, their eyes are always open.

"Sex trafficking is something that law enforcement nationwide should be on the lookout for really nationwide." 

As a city so close to a major interstate like I-75, their officers are trained to spot the tell-tale signs.

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"There could be trafficking coming through, if not, at least taking place in the jurisdiction. You see a young woman with somebody that is maybe a lot older than them," he said.

With the big event nearby coming up, he says it's important for residents to know those signs too.

"Maybe they don't know what town they're in, they can't answer basic questions about their work or things like that, they don't have identification on them," Frazier told Channel 3.

He said if you see something, go with your gut and say something.

"Whether you see somebody in public and it's going on at that moment, certainly there's no reason to be afraid to call 911," he said. 

If you're not sure if what you're seeing is sex trafficking, you can also call the Dalton Police Department directly at 706-278-9085 or their dispatch center's non-emergency number at 706-370-4900.