Two Chattanooga men are making a difference.

They started an organization to inspire others and give back to their community.

Dontay Hampton and Logan Taylor are the founders of Y.B. Normal and are working to keep kids on the right path.

Each month, they visit a different school to talk to kids.

“Everybody needs a blueprint for something. For us in our community, there's not many blueprints, and so the biggest thing is to be a blueprint and be selfless and hopefully be contagious and create a domino effect for somebody else,” Hampton told Channel 3.

Y.B. Normal is a youth mentor and outreach organization that empowers troubled and underprivileged kids. Taylor says he came up with the idea a few years ago after a streak of violent crimes in the community. Hampton heard what he was doing and wanted to help.

“If we lay the foundation, then, of course, a kid can build his house anyway that he wants to and if it falls, then he still has a strong foundation,” Taylor said.

While kids are their focus, they’ll help kids and adults later this month.

They’re hosting an event called ‘Cut the Hate, Share the Love.”

For the third year in a row, barbers and stylists will give free haircuts to the homeless and families in need. Volunteers will pass out clothing, shoes and a hot meal. Last year, nearly 200 people showed up, and they’re expecting more people to attend this year. Through their outreach, they’ve learned that sometimes kids just need someone to talk to.

“A boy came up to me and told me if he didn't hear my words and what I was saying, then he would have made an attempt to commit suicide. He showed me the letter. He showed me the note and everything. We talked. He cried, I cried. I hugged him. I loved on him, and for us, it's about serving and inspiring,” Taylor said.

“A lot of people might not have a father so they look at you as a dad or they call you family, and that's a big deal,” Hampton told Channel 3.

Their message is Y.B. Normal when you can be extraordinary.

Cut the Hate, Share the Love will be Sunday, February 17 from 2:00-5:00 pm at the Kingdom Center on East ML King Blvd.

Volunteers and clothing donations are still needed.

Here’s a link to the organization and its social media accounts so you can reach out and follow along.