UPDATE: Chattanooga's EPB (Electrical Power Board) announced Friday some changes to their connectivity for customers.

Users with 100mb connectivity will get their speeds tripled to 300mb/s for the same price.

"Residential customers who subscribed to the company’s 100 Mbps starting internet speed have been upgraded to 300 Mbps with no increase in the price, which remains $57.99 per month," EPB Public Relations Coordinator John Pless explained.

Those customers with 1gb connections will be given a slightly lower price of $67.99 per month for the same level of connectivity.

"As a result, starting-speed customers can now upgrade to The Gig for just $10 more per month, while more than 15,000 current Gig customers will enjoy even better internet value," Pless added. "The changes take effect immediately."

EPB President and CEO David Wade said these changes are driven by the utility's mission to improve the quality of life and the local economy in the Scenic City.

“EPB continually strives to keep our community on the leading edge by delivering innovative solutions with world-class infrastructure,” Wade said. “Providing even more bandwidth and internet value is our way making sure our customers get the most from on-line opportunities for education, work, entertainment, and healthcare, particularly as they add more smart devices and appliances.”

This is the fourth speed increase Fi-Speed internet has had since its launch a decade ago.